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December 23, 2007



oh my gosh....i loved this! especially the part about your kids names! :) and yes, take a photo. would love to see the nativity scene that you keep up all year.
lovely ornament. you MUST get an invite to that party soon. so she is a needle pointer. i love to needlepoint too......and my sister is never without hers, sort of like me with my knitting.


i used to belong to a handmade ornament exchange..fun. i love yours and i would definatly try to get in to the ornament exchange. love the photo of your kids too! merry christmas!


I think that sweater ornament is lovely. Maybe I should think about whipping up a few over the coming months and dole them out next Christmas... Is this pattern from Interweave Knits?


i love your knitted ornament. it's so creative. and i'm with you on the oh come all you faithful - beautiful song.

hope you had a wonderful christmas and wishing you many good things in 2008.


LOVE the sweater ornament! I thought of making one but didn't; maybe next Christmas. Making lots of baby stuff now for co-workers and friends. Thanks for sharing; really enjoy your blog.

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