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October 31, 2007



Your garden looks lovely.

Can't wait to see all your scarves - I am a firm believer you can never have too many.


Oh my... the garden of my dreams!


your daughter's costume is so beautiful and she looks so pretty and happy. you did an amazing job.

garden looks good too. as you say, they take time to grow in.

love the scarf with the yellow and pink in it. and so nice to see a photo of you again.


Miss Tree is fabulous, she looks like she walked out of a very sophisticated fairytale.


I love the Halloween costumes so much! Your daughter's is inspired, and your son's is hilarious. Two thumbs up!

Also love all the knitting! I'm going to start a Clapotis for my Mom - it will be the third one in my knitting history. I don't know what it is about that pattern, but everyone I know has made more than one! I think it has something to do with the immensely satisfying feeling one obtains when dropping all the stitches on purpose. :)


Their costumes are great! And your garden is so lovely, Gina. So lovely, indeed. :-)


Great photos! i like it very much, it looks that you all have a great time!

carrie m

i love that you were so involved in their costumes - totally paid off!


I read this last week, and never got back to comment. Your garden is stunning! Absolutely beautiful! I see a perfect spot for two that would be big enough for a lot of projects and coffee! :)

Your children look so great! your daughter and her costume are beautiful! And can you believe that I have never seen that movie? Nor have my kids...I think I may have to rent it for tomorrow night!

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