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October 07, 2007



So many choices! I always love a good purple, and I'm sure it would be lovely just by itself. That should be enough, in sportweight, I would think to make a scarf. The contrasting colors are so fun, maybe if you wanted to do that but let the purple shine through something more neutral like gray or silver, or a light brown, would work?


if you do go with a second color i'd go with a pink or purple same colors at the 6 o'clock point of your yarn color wheel.

but i think you could easily work something fantastic up with what you have. in your part of the world a skinny scarf would be just fine. and very stylish.

glad the green makes you feel happy. it's a nice fresh color.

carrie m

i've loved every chevron scarf i've seen, but it is hard to settle on a single yarn. i'm no help to you.

your swing coats are so darling! aren't wendy's patterns tops?


ok some thoughts about the chevron......i have tried to do make one with one variegated color.....it just didn't have enough "umph" if you know what i mean.....i definitely think another skein of a variegated yarn.....how about in greens...i love purple/green together, and since greens seem to be your thing....huh? might work!
honestly, i have never seen a chevron i didn't like!

LOVE the girlfriend swing coat....i should really make it for MY favorite girl....she is 9...just squeezing in...the pattern only goes to 10....


I'm terrible with color combining, so I'll just say that "grass" is a great color. Very happy-making.


have no creative inspiration but am hoping you are well and safe with all that's been happening out west with the santa anas and the fires.

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